Room Booking Features

General Features 

  • Server component can be hosted by client or alternatively as a managed solution.  

  • System can be internal to your employees or external via the Web Based Booking System. 

  • No monthly charges. System is purchased outright. 

  • Microsoft Exchange, office 365, Google Calendar integration.  

  • All room booking panels become way finders in the event of an emergency. 

  • Report faults at panel for defective resources in the meeting room requiring maintenance. 

  • Allow attendees to request cleaning of room. 

  • Control external hardware and trigger prior to or after meetings. 

  • Temporarily lockout rooms from the system. 

  • No limit to the number of rooms you can add. 

Admin Dashboard 

  • Responsive website, works on desktops, tablets and phones. 

  • Manage all your enterprise’s rooms from a single dashboard. 

  • Roles based login, allows for admin and user accounts. 

  • Manage all facets of your rooms. 

  • Manage resources contained in the rooms. 

  • Manage fault reporting. 

  • Manage car parking including allocation. 

  • Add hardware resources for the system to control. 

  • Generate detailed report on room utilisation. 

  • Simple configuration of the system via editable parameters. 

Room Booking Panels 

  • System is hardware agnostic, it will support any hardware that can display a HTML page. 

  • We can provide Visitor Tech hardware that’s designed to work with the system. 

  • Screens are completely customisable via HTML. 

  • Open API to create your own screens, mobile apps or desktop application. 

  • Panels allows for control of hardware such as doors, blinds, lighting, screens and AV Equipment. 

  • Panels allow for the creation of Ad Hoc meetings. Immediate or into the future. 

  • Panels allow for the reporting of faults. 

  • Request a room clean. 

  • Panel displays dynamic data such as weather and sports results. 

  • Panel displays digital signage. 

  • Panel can become way finder. 

  • System can display a completely different screen on each panel. 

  • Lock out panels and display a customised screen. 

  • Supports hardware control such as reboot and monitoring on certified panels. 

  • Optional start and end meeting buttons will cancel a book after a predetermined time if the attendee does not press the start button. Room will be freed up once the end button is pushed. 

  • Ability to view upcoming meetings for the whole day. 

Meeting Room Directory Board 

  • Simple dashboard that displays available and booked rooms which has basic level information such as room name, subject organiser and the earliest meeting booked for that room. 

  • Book a meeting by simply selecting a room and choose your time. If the room has a meeting already for that day you can still schedule a meeting for the room beyond current time. 

  • Integrated with the room booking system to pull rooms and bookings in one easily viewable dashboard. 

  • Designed for portrait resolution. 

Web Based Room Booking System 

  • Web based room booking portal to allow external clients to book rooms. 

  • No need for an external server such as Microsoft Exchange. 

  • Allows for the ability to accept payments for booking rooms. 

  • Manages catering for the meetings, including accepting payments for orders. 

  • Allows for a flexible membership. 

  • Allows for monthly subscriptions with room / time allocation. 

  • Integration with financial systems for easy reconciliation. 

  • Integration with directory boards and way finders. 

Rooms Board 

  • Display meetings for the room via a calendar grid. 

  • Select a date from the top of the board to see the meetings for the room for the chosen date. 

  • Integrated with the other room booking panels and outlook to pull all meetings for the room.