Manage your meeting rooms, simply and cost effectively.

Our industry leading Room Booking System is an easy to use solution that allows you to manage most aspects of your meeting rooms. The system allows you to add a touch screen to the entry of every room you want to manage. From this screen it is possible to see the current time, current availability and scheduled availability of the room.

Each room is integrated into your exchange server and can be booked for a meeting via Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or via our web based calendaring system. The room can also be booked for ad hoc meetings at the touch screen outside the room. Screens can be used to tap on commencement of meetings, automatically cancelling the meeting and making the room available if a meeting attendee doesn't tap in within a predetermined time.


Display screens are completely customisable, all screens support HTML and we provide a complete integration manual which displays the HTML placeholders for you to customise the screens to your requirements. Optionally, we can provide this service.

The touch screen can display digital signage when the room is not being used and becomes a wayfinding screen in the event of an emergency where evacuation is required. You can report faults via the screen or request a room clean upon completion of your meeting. All requests go direct to employee responsible or can be integrated into existing ticket support systems.

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Hardware Agnostic

You can use any hardware outside the meeting rooms, tablets such as iPads, Microsoft Surface and Android are all supported.

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Easy Interface Customisation

The screen uses simple HTML to display the details and allow for ad hoc bookings, fault reporting and the ability to start meetings prior to attending the room. We have a large collection of templates that can easily be integrated into the system.

Outlook Integration

Allows you to select a room when you create a meeting and the system will display your upcoming meeting on the screen outside the meeting room. System has an optional booking website should your clients not use Outlook.

Hardware Solutions Available

We can provide a hardware solution that’s built to work with the Thought Studio Room Booking System, hardware has lights on the side that illuminate red and green based on the occupancy of the meeting room.

Workplace Integration

Report faults directly on screen, or request a room clean on completion of your meeting.

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