I’ll Take Mine Sunny Side Up

When Australia’s fifth largest bank called upon The Spaceship to get the word out about their new promotional campaign, the epic brand activation agency approached Thought Studio to do what we do best: all the nerdy behind-the-scenes hi-tech stuff.

Recognising that many lack the know-how to position themselves in a confident fiscal position, Suncorp’s Money with Sunny promotion aims to demystify and simplify the steps to attaining financial empowerment.

Our mission – which we chose to accept – was to design and build a bulletproof IT system to support the Sydney launch of the public face of the campaign.


The intentional arbitrary nature of the draw meant that the good folk at NSW Lotteries were required to vet the system we proposed to ensure the process was free of corruption and above reproach.  This required an impeccable written submission from Thought Studio detailing every step in the process.

The power of Microsoft Visual Studio and the .NET Framework made the designing and building process somewhat headache-free.  Our system developer and engineer responded to a steady flow of on-approach changes and eleventh hour tweaks with the calm, professional agility we expect of our Thought Studio team. 

The system comprises a website in the backend which allows Suncorp staff to see which prizes are remaining and to export a list of entrants daily for marketing purposes.  The front end is a WPF app which runs on our proprietary industrial grade 22-inch all-in-one touch screens.   The software random number generator is a variant of the Mersenne Twister Random Number Generator and was tested successfully over multiple iterations.  The software and hardware systems are completely tamper proof, accessed only by Thought Studio staff for programming and configuration and by promotion staff for log in.  The core code containing the random number generator is not accessible to Suncorp staff or the entrants.


On 15 May 2018 with just 2 minutes and 24 seconds to activation, the final version of the app was pushed to the screens.

If you were a lucky Wynyard Train Station commuter who was handed a juice bottle with a winning encrypted code behind the peel back sticker (code courtesy of Thought Studio), it was in your best interest to phone in your late arrival to the boss and hotfoot it to the Pitt Street Mall Suncorp office.  There, a Suncorp staff guided you through the experience.  The recipient then entered their details and the system randomly assigned a prize on the spot.  Nearly $30,000 was up for grabs across 5000 chances to win.

User interface for the kiosk.

A Thought Studio technician remained on site over the three days of the activation to ensure smooth sailing.

Max Valente, CEO of Thought Studio says:

It’s always fun for the team to create applications that give away large prizes –  the joy on people’s faces when they win makes up for the late hours worked in order to deliver an application that is constantly evolving from the beginning with last minute changes being pushed several minutes prior to the activation going live.


  • Cost of Sydney parking over the 3-day activation: $497.00