Kinect Photobooth for Cirque Du Soleil

Thought Studio were fortunate to be tasked with creating a Kinect Photobooth for Cirque Du Soleil's Sydney show 'Totem'.

We commissioned the booth onsite at the showgrounds, prior to the show commencing and exerienced the buzz and hype that an international show such as Cirque creates. Behind the scenes it's a well oiled machine, the construction staff actually travel with the show and have a very high level of professionalism.

The Photobooth allows a user to place themselves in a virtual Cirque stage and pose with performers. The organisers provided a collection of props and it was amazing to watch users interact with the system.

The system allows a user to take a picture of themselves and would give them the option of posting the image to a Facebook page. A QR code on the stand allowed them to navigate directly to the page from their phone where they had the option of tagging themselves and or sharing that image.

The installation consisted of a 65 inch screen, a computer and a Microsoft kinect sensor.  A three metre wide by two and a half metre long area was cordoned off. This would become the area the kinect sonsor would see as the stage.

Setting up the bounding box.

Setting up the bounding box.

Over the years of developing with Kinect we have created some great tools that allow us to setup the Kinect sensor for high traffic areas. We create a bounding box that limits what the kinect sees, thereby minimising the interference from crowds.

Large crowd? No problem.. Once the bounding box is set, Kinect ignores everthing else.

Large crowd? No problem.. Once the bounding box is set, Kinect ignores everthing else.

Some statistics:

  • Total build time: 4 Weeks.
  • Activation duration: 2 months and 1 week.
  • Images Taken: 6069, Average images per night (89).
  • Images uploaded to Facebook page: 1023, resulting in over 500 shares.
  • Bandwidth used to send images to Facebook page: 355,745,919 (355mb).
  • Total size for image captures: 1,517,225,795 bytes (1.5GB).
  • Data throughput for monitoring etc: 832,742,221 bytes (832mb).

Contact our sales team if you'd like a demonstration of the Kinect Photobooth.

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