Toshiba Sushi Rollercoaster

We collaborated with Toshiba and Iris Sydney to create a pop up sushi rollercoaster that ran for three nights. The Seriously Japanese Pop-Up Zushi Roller Coaster Restaurant sees guests chose their order via a Toshiba touchscreen tablet, which then arrives by roller coaster.

We often collaborate with Iris Sydney to create marketing activations, they’re one of the few digital agencies that truly understands technology and how to leverage a company such as ours to realise high tech activations. Some of the projects we’ve collaborated on include the Microsoft Retail Reinvention, The Telstra Windows Phone activations, a side scrolling game for Shell and several apps for Sanofi Pasteur.

The brief for the Toshiba Seriously Japanese Pop-Up Zushi Roller Coaster Restaurant detailed a rollercoaster that would allow a diner to place an order on a Toshiba tablet which would be processed by a chef in the kitchen. The chef would place the order on the rollercoaster and gravity would deliver the order by transporting the order around the room on a metal rollercoaster.

We were tasked with building the ordering system, the display in the kitchen that the chef would mark off orders received and the eventual install and commissioning of the technology. We had two weeks to create and test this solution. Not the easiest of tasks, however, we’re fortunate in that due to the variety and ‘coolness’ factor of the projects we undertake we tend to attract some of Australia’s most talented and gifted software developers.

All graphic elements that went into the ordering system were delivered to us by Iris via individual video files and a layered photoshop file. Our talented developers then assembled all the graphical elements and the logic required for the ordering system. The ordering system was built as a Windows Executable in WPF with C#. The backend display system was an ASP.NET website with a Web Service layer to broker the calls into the database from the tablets. Data was stored on the backend device using Microsoft SQL Express.

Installation was performed the day prior to opening night, we arrived while the metalworkers were putting the finishing touches to the metal rails that made up the actual rollercoaster. Our software was loaded and tested on the 8 Toshiba tablets that made up the ordering kiosks. We also loaded the server component onto a Toshiba All In One that resided in the back of house to display incoming orders. We tested the wireless connection and ran some orders through, the system was ready.

Opening night came and went without a hitch, all the technology held together well and people were served Sushi via a rollercoaster. Another successful activation by Thought Studio!

Our flickr album from the activation