POP by Sheridan


Thought Studio designed and developed an instore interactive display for Sheridan's new brand: POP By Sheridan. Solution consists of 3 touch screens, a 2X2 video wall , PCs and server. Solution allows a customer to build their bed via touchscreen and view on the video wall, currently installed in DJ's City, Myer City and Castle Towers, Doncaster Shopping centres.


Designed and developed a web application for Sheridan's new brand: POP By Sheridan. Website allows a customer to dynamically create their bed and purchase the individual items via an ecommerce store. Items and stock levels synchronised with Magento ecommerce software. Saved beds were able to be recalled in store and modified prior to purchasing items.


Designed and developed a facebook game for Sheridan; the premise was to guess a combination of manchester, with the player that guessed correctly winning $20,000. The game had full Facebook integration and the player had the ability to purchase their combination via the Sheridan ECommerce website.





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