Nissan Stand at the Sydney 2012 Motorshow

Thought Studio was commissioned to create an application that queries Facebook for the number of likes on the Nissan Australia Fan page. This was to be displayed on a huge screen that was the highlight of the Nissan Australia stand at the Sydney 2012 Motoshow.

The application’s core uses Thought Studio’s new social media engine designed to bring social media to life, whether it’s on large screens or small lcd screens attached to garments. The system allows you to overlay key social media information such as likes, posts, followers, tweets etc onto screens, walls, and websites.

The Nissan stand at the Motorshow has an interactive kiosk allowing users to log into Facebook and like the page. Whenever a new like is detected, the screen flashes a message thanking the user for the like.

Nissan chose to use Thought Studio’s digital signage solution to display the content for their video wall, our digital signage solution is easy to use and capable of displaying media and live content such as the Facebook fan page tally’s in real time.

The project was delivered in 5 days, this included additional programming required to customise the system and inclusion of hardware to run the software and drive the screens. Nissan received a turn key solution, we simply connected the Thought Studio player to their screen driver, gave it internet access and we were away.


  • Thought Studio media PC

  • Thought Studio digital signage framework

  • Thought Studio social media engine

Max ValenteComment