Microsoft Harvey Norman Stand

Thought Studio was commissioned by Microsoft to create a grounbreaking digital signage display for the Harvey Norman partner conference.

The display involved nearly 100 Surface RT devices running a special version of our digital signage system.

The system allowed Microsoft personnel to control the content which was displayed on the Surface RT devices via their mobile phones.

Content could be scheduled to playback on any device at anytime within the milisecond, this gave the effect of animations flowing across the screens.

Several Microsoft technologies were leveraged in order to create this landmard display. Windows Server remotely controlled the divices and also played host to the mobile website used to control the Surface RT devices. A Windows Store application was created to display the content on the screens.

Content could either be images or video, all content was downloaded locally to each device in order to minimise latency

The system is currently being developed further and will be used at several other Microsoft events. Features such as the ability to trigger content automatically from Powerpoint are slated for release with Version 2 of the application.





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