2014 Update

2014 has been a huge year for us, we have transitioned from a small boutique software development firm to an exporter. This has been due to the products we’ve created over the past several years.

Some pertinent statistics for 2014:

  • Our team has increased fourfold.
  • Our turnover has increased fivefold.
  • We launched Visitor Tech, our range of facilities manangement software.
  • We launched our Video Call Centre solution.
  • We have delivered projects and products to some of the largest companies on the planet.

2014 highlights:

Microsoft Retail Reinvention
We designed, and are delivering the award winning digital solution that drives Microsoft’s Retail Reinvention. We installed this solution to 40 JB Hifi and Harvey Norman stores Australia wide and are updating content and monitoring all these devices remotely. To put some scale on the solution, there’s in excess of 150 computers and 400 surface devices installed and running timely content. The vast number of screen used in this activation makes it one of the largest digital signage networks in Australia. Microsoft has plans to rollout many more stores in 2015 so we are on the verge of creating one of the largest digital signage networks on the planet. All driven, maintained and monitored from a humble office in Kingsgrove.

Visitor Tech
Mid way through the year we successfully launched the Visitor Tech brand of facilities management software, since then we have been hard pressed keeping up with demand. Companies large and small, even government departments have been beating a path to our door to implement what has quickly become the standard for meeting and facilities management.

Storytime Pods
Story Pods provide young children with high quality story videos from leading educational book publishers. Children are treated to a unique and engaging entertainment experience, while parents receive a safe and convenient ‘time-out’. We were fortunate to be involved in the project and delivered the software component that drives the pods.

Cirque du Soleil
We were approached to build something 'funky' for Cirque's Totem here in Sydney, we designed and developed a Kinect powered photobooth that allows an attendee to put themselves in the picture and post to leading social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Toshiba Sushi Rollercoaster
We collaborated with Iris on an amazing pop up restaurant concept for Toshiba where a customer selects a shushi combination from a Toshiba tablet and the sushi flys down a rollercoaster to be served at the table.

The new year will bring new projects and new opportunities for us to flex our  'Schwarzeneggerish' technological muscles. More importantly, we're looking forward to working with our wonderful clients on new and exciting projects. 

We thank all our clients for their support during 2014.