Digital Signage Features


  • Server component can be hosted by client or alternatively as a managed solution. 

  • We can supply license only, or a turnkey solution including media players. 

  • System supports playback of a wide range of media, images, video, HTML. 

  • Licensing is simple, server license and player licenses. 

  • No limit to the number of players in your network. 

  • No licensing limit to the number of media files you load on the server or display on the players. 

Digital Signage Player Software 

  • Easy to install. 

  • Windows executable supports a very broad range of media players. 

  • Anti-crash technology to keep the player up. 

  • Monitoring solution notifies you of issues with player or network. 

Digital Signage Player Hardware 

  • We provide industry leading Intel hardware. 

  • Operating system is Windows 10 embedded. 

  • Optional hardware replacement maintenance agreement. 

  • Ability to add custom video codecs to playback video. 

  • Installation of hardware is easy, only two parameters to set. 

  • Wired Ethernet or wireless. 

Web Based Content Management System 

  • Responsive website, works on desktops, tablets and phones. 

  • Role based users 

  • Player status displays information for the players. 

  • Remote player reboot ability. 

  • Local user can only schedule content to local players. 

  • Manage locations, player groups, players and playlists. 

  • Schedule content to many players in a single location. 

  • Schedule content to individual players. 

  • Drag and drop interface.