Digital Signage Training

This page contains videos to assist you in the installation, configuration and general maintenance of the Digital Signage system. If you have any queries at all, please contact our support desk.


Adding a new player and player group

This video demonstrates how to add a new digital signage player and a player group to the system.

The video then demonstrates how to create a playlist of media to playback on the media player.

It also demonstrates how to schedule content that plays constantly to this new player group.


Configuring a new media player

This video demonstrates how to add configure a new media player.

You will need to connect a keyboard to the media player and hit the [esc] escape key in order to exit out of the digital signage software and access the media player's desktop.


Adding new media

This video demonstrates how to add new media to the digital signage system.

Media such as still images, videos and Adobe Flash Files can be easily added to the Content Management System.