Simple to use, cost effective Digital Signage.


A simple-to-use solution designed with ease-of-use in mind for most clients. Installation couldn’t be simpler, the media player is plugged into the HDMI socket on the TV, supply power, and wireless access to the internet. You can commence scheduling content to this player.

Our system is capable of playing back static images, video files and dynamic content from the internet. Media players support media up to 4K resolution.

Content management system is either hosted in the cloud or on premise, you can manage your digital signage networks from anywhere, using desktop or mobile devices. Content is downloaded locally to the player, an internet connection is not required to playback content, this is not a streaming solution. There is no limit to the number of players the CMS can support.


Features of the digital signage system include:

-                Server component can be hosted by client or alternatively as a managed solution.
-                We can supply license only, or a turnkey solution including media players.
-                System supports playback of a wide range of media, images, video, HTML.
-                Licensing is simple, server license and player licenses.
-                No limit to the number of players in your network.
-                No licensing limit to the number of media files you load on the server or display on the players.

Digital Signage Player Software
-                Easy to install.
-                Windows executable supports a very broad range of media players.
-                Anti-crash technology to keep the player up.
-                Monitoring solution notifies you of issues with player or network.

Digital Signage Player Hardware
-                We provide industry leading Intel hardware.
-                Operating system is Windows 10 embedded.
-                Optional hardware replacement maintenance agreement.
-                Ability to add custom video codecs to playback video.
-                Installation of hardware is easy, only two parameters to set.
-                Wired Ethernet or wireless.

Web based content management system
-                Responsive website, works on desktops, tablets and phones.
-                Role based users
-                Player status displays information for the players.
-                Remote player reboot ability.
-                Local user can only schedule content to local players.
-                Manage locations, player groups, players and playlists.
-                Schedule content to many players in a single location.
-                Schedule content to individual players.
-                Drag and drop interface.