We have moved!

<Chapter One>

We moved into our industrial unit at Kingsgrove approximately one year after commencing the company, prior to that Thought Studio was running out of my garage. The office at Kingsgrove served us well as anybody who visited us there will attest to. We had downstairs to tinker on our hardware and upstairs to develop the software magic that was the front end to our products. 

We've outgrown the current office and are moving, for those of us who have had the opportunity to work from Kingsgrove it's been an amazing experience. It's central, it's cosy and so very quiet. A great space to be creative. I remember a time when the only fixtures in the office was a single desk with a monitor on it, sitting in the middle of a vast empty space.

We have moved to Alexandria, a bristling, creative suburb in Sydney, the new office is incredible and i can't wait to share pictures of it once we're finished with the fitout. We have a great deal more space to grow into and a larger selection of cafe's to fuel our caffeine addictions.

I can't thank our clients enough for all their support and the incredible projects they allow us to work on, it's been a busy four years and we're all looking forward to what the next four years will bring, both in terms of new people to work with and amazing projects to build.

</ Chapter One>

<Chapter Two>

Here's a sneak peek...